Neoglacial or Latest-Pleistocene moraine on eastern flank of South Sister; Broken Top can be seen in the background



Neoglacial moraines in foreground with North Sister in the distance (view to North); further in the background the white covered peaks of Mt Jefferson and Hood can be seen



One of the 50+ auger holes that were dug in the Summer of 2004; who say science is all brain and no brawn



Looking south from latest-Pleistocene moraines of South Sister; Broken Top in foreground with Mt Bachelor in back



Thunderheads rolling accumulating over Broken Top and approaching camp; 15 minutes later the rain, hail and lighting came in and I decided it was time to go



Glacial striations on bedrock near South Sister (facing southwest);



Another look at the same striations with 10cm long pen for scale



Striations, striations, striations.....gotta love em; large bedrock, boulders (tools) resting on striated surface (field book for scale)



Hills in distance are location of striations from above pictures just 8 days later; you can never predict mountain weather



Seth Moorehead enjoying the storm that swept through the Three Sisters during mid-September



I was not enjoying the storm as it meant little to no data collection



Striated bedrock near Green Lake off east flank of South Sister; Coors Original for scale




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