Canada Glacier
Glacier Canada BW terminus.JPG (108767 bytes)
Canada Glacier from Lake Hoare camp
Canada Glacier from Lake Fryxell.jpg (124529 bytes)
Canada Glacier from Lake Fryxell
Canada Glacier Scott below the ice wall.jpg (357070 bytes)
Ice wall in glacier channel
Canada_Glacier_from_ Howard Glacier.jpg (112237 bytes)
Canada Glacier from across the valley
Impressive channel wall with 1812 in background.jpg (137296 bytes)
Pool and steep walls in glacier channel
Looking down channel wall with Robin in background.jpg (161312 bytes)
Another part of the glacier channels
Lower channel on Canada with blue pool 2.jpg (137908 bytes)
more channel features....
lower channel with hoare and suess in bkgd.jpg (155768 bytes)
Robin on making stake measurement.jpg (135979 bytes)
Robin Johnston measuring an ablation stake
dscn0041.jpg (104088 bytes)
Whitney Gann sampling snow pit in accumulation zone
Martyn sampling Cryo6.jpg (127093 bytes)
Martyn Tranter sampling water from a cryoconite hole
Andrew using badger with Martyn watching.jpg (112386 bytes)
Andrew Fountain drilling into a cryoconite hole
dscn0001.jpg (125340 bytes)
Dorota Porazinska sampling sediment from a cryoconite hole
dscn0009.jpg (97376 bytes)
Thomas Nylen keeping the glacier clean