Tour of the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica

Department of Geology
Portland State University
Portland, Oregon

About this site

This site is a web-based tour of the McMurdo Dry Valleys in Antarctica. To begin the tour select from one of the options at the bottom of the map.

Site designed and constructed by Frank D. Granshaw
in cooperation with Dr. Andrew G. Fountain
Department of Geology - Portland State University
September 2001

About the map

This map is a AVHRR (Advance High-Resolution Radiometer) continental mosaic constructed by NOAA / NEDIS in Washington D.C. with data gathered between 1980 and 1987.

Options at the bottom of the map

Accesses this page.
Dry Valleys:
Displays a false color satellite image of the Dry Valleys.
Simulated Valley Views:
Accesses panoramas of and a simulated flight through the Dry Valleys.
Photo Panoramas:
Accesses photographic panoramas of taken from meteorologic stations in the Dry Valleys.

Some things to know before exploring this site

This site contains several Quicktime movies ranging in size from 800 to 2200 kb. So it is recommended that you take this tour using a computer with a fast connection such as a DSL or cable.

To view these movies your browser needs to be equipped with the Quicktime plugin. Plugins are available for both Windows and MacOS versions of Netscape Communicator and Internet Explorer at <>.